In this day and age – anybody can be anybody.


Fake IDs are getting made and handed out like loose, extra change. People make up references all the time, often for nefarious purposes. Imagine then the dangers that could pose if someone of this caliber were to be a crew member of a cruise ship?


There have been many terrorist attacks that start off in much of the same way. People with seemingly flawless credentials and yet have an entirely different purpose that then endangers the life of everyone on board? You’ve seen it happen in blockbuster movies – and it can happen just as well in real life. That is why it is of the utmost importance that both cruise ships and its crew members are inspected for every discrepancy, as a safety precaution, just in case.


What could be so terrible about someone whose paper doesn’t match the person? A lot of things can be terrible – and this is often the case of many sexual assault charges on cruise ships. Some crew members may not have registered as a sex offender or none of the references may have included signs of abuse or physical violence. Sexual assaults can happen to anyone regardless of gender – they are always nonconsensual and they are always traumatic.


A lot of psychological damage is done unto the victim and there is a lot that can never be repaired by time. That is an open wound that that person will carry for the rest of their lives – which is why it is imperative for legal action to be taken immediately in order for some justice to provide at least a little bit of comfort towards the wronged party. Sometimes, cases like this can be jeopardized by incompetent representation or because it was not reported as soon as possible, allowing for the guilty party to escape justice.


According to, there are rights and privileges that you are entitled to and it is only right that you fight for them.