Air travel can be one of the more stressful ways to travel for anyone with a fear of heights, or anxiety over being out of control of their mode of transportation. Despite this, almost everyone will experience air travel at some point in their lives, as it has quickly become to most efficient way to travel. While it is truly a modern marvel that these vehicles travel the distances they do at the speeds that they do, many take for granted the assurance that their aircraft will travel smoothly and free from error. Of course, everyone fears a plane crash resulting from a plane malfunction. However, for some this fear unfortunately becomes a reality. Strict protocols often prevent defective or malfunctioning air crafts from leaving the ground, however at times, these vehicle make it into the air, becoming a danger to all passengers aboard.

According to the website of the The Sampson Law Firm, some common examples of potential airplane defects or malfunctions include: communication devices failure, improperly working brakes, landing gear failure, engine failure, and malfunctioning gauges. Not all of these will result in a full plane crash but they can all cause danger, confusion, and difficulty for pilots, passengers, and at times other planes they share the airspace with. It is the responsibility of the airplane manufacturers to make sure that their planes are safe and properly working.

Plane crashes are some of the greatest tragedies a family can suffer. In some cases these catastrophic losses are simply tragic accidents, which could not have been prevented. However, at times these crashes are due to the negligence of a manufacturer resulting in defective or malfunctioning parts. In these cases, the victim or families of the victims of such an accident may be entitled to certain damages to help ease the financial burden of such a loss.